"MIC WARs" is the Rap Battle of Next generation. Competing with cumulation of "Props !!" you get during the season. The users make their own 1verse+1hook to a common track and submit it to entry the competition. There are no limitation to participate such as age, gender, professional or amateur. No matter at all.

REC1-7 vote for Ranking is closed on 2019/3/11(Mon) by noon

Terms of Service

Article 1 Contract of Use
  • 1 This Terms of Service (or Contract of use) is provided by Ai LLC, Studio KAGURA in order to operate our musical project called "MIC WARs (referred as "the Service" below). We established conditions for Users of this service (referred as "users" below) . Please read all the description contained and agree only if you agree. Without your understanding and agreement to theterms, you are not able to join nor use this service.
  • 2 The Company may change these Terms at any time for any reason on our discretion. The Company deem to gain your agreement to the change on terms if there is any action by the user on the site for the first time after displaying the changes of terms on this web, unless otherwise specified by the Company
  • 3 These Terms include all the terms and conditions that determine the terms and conditions to the user regardless of their name.
  • 4 In the event of inconsistency between the provisions, the Company shall prevail this Terms unless the Company states the exception.
  • 5 Even if a part of this agreement is deemed invalid based on laws and regulations, this provisions will be varid with your agreement.

Article 2 Account Registration
  • 1 To use the service, you must agree our terms and follow the method specified by the company, using the true and accurate data on one's self (referred as "user information "). Your designated Account will be registered on this service and registration of account will be carried out. When there is a change or update on the data in the preceding paragraph, the user shall claim the change immediately.
  • 2 If the User is minors, adult ward, adult warrior, or assisted, you shall be need the consent of a legal representative, guardian, curator or assistant in order to use the service.
  • 3 If you are applicable to any of the following items, we may refuse your usage of this service.
    (1) When registering an account without using the method described in paragraph 1 of this Article
    (2) In the case you had received any disposition in the past due to violation of this agreement
    (3) If you have received any disposition in other services provided by the Company
    (4) When we judge it as inappropriate
  • 4 When refusing the use to the user pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the Company may terminate or terminate the use of the whole or a part of the service to the user or all or one of the user information (Including, but not limited to, legal measures) for the cancellation of the department and claims for damages. In addition, even if damage or disadvantage arises to the user as a result of such correspondence, we will not assume any responsibility.

Article 3 Account Management
  • 1 The user shall take responsibility of self information (including but not limited to e-mail address and password) to prevent unauthorized users to access or break through the registration of his / her account
  • 2 In any case, do not let third parties to use the accounts, nor lend, transfer, change name, trade etc.
  • 3 The user is allowed to hold only 1 account per person. It is impossible for one person to hold multiple accounts, and multiple people can not own one account jointly.

Improvement on the User's environment
  • 1 The users are to prepare all the necessity such equipment, software, and communication tools to use this service at own risk and expense.
  • 2 The users shall take security measures such as prevention of computer virus infection, unauthorized access and prevention of information leaks, depending on their usage environment.
  • 3 We do not engage in any use environment of users nor take any responsibility.

Article 5 Cotants of the Service
  • 1 The user can post music, movies and other information on this service (referred as "posted information"), and the Company will be able to post the selected post on You Tube and other video posting site (referred as "video posting site") and make it available for viewing by users and users of video posting site. The user can add an evaluation on the posted information posted at the site, and we will score the posting information according to the viewing frequency of the video posting site and other criteria specified by the Company, and displays on this service.
  • 2 The Company does not guarantee that all of the posted information in the preceding paragraph will be displayed on this service or posted on the video posting website.
  • 3 The video you submit may have a chance to be denied to post the video on the site mentioned at 1 paragraph, when the Company judged your submission is inappropriate for this competition, or received any case of complain from third party.
  • 4 We do not assume any responsibility of posted information of the video at designated site of paragraph 1 or posted information on the operation of this service, such as the handling results of our scoring.

Article 6 Use of our service
  • 1 The user shall use this service pursuant to the terms set forth in these Terms.
  • 2 The user acknowledges in advance that the function of all or part of this service may not be available due to the communication environment and other circumstances, and we disclaims the Company against the damage of the user caused by this.
  • 3 The Company shall be entrusted with all or part of this service to a third party, and the user shall accept consignment of such service.

Article 7 Changes on the service
  •  The Company may add, change, suspend or terminate the Service at any time for any reason without prior notice to the user at our convenience. In this case, we assume no responsibility even if the user suffers damage.

Article 8 Usage fee
  •  Use of this service is free. However, the communication fee for using this service shall be borne by the user.

Article 9 Right of intellectual property
  • 1 All rights; ownership rights, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publication rights; on content, such as texts, images, programs and other data provided by the Company shall belong to the Company or any third party having such rights, and the use of this service does not imply license of the right of this content.
  • 2 We do not guarantee that this content does not infringe any third party's intellectual property rights or other rights related to the submission.

Article 9 User rights and responsibilities
  • 1 The user shall use this service at one's own risk, and will bear all responsibility for all action made when using this service and its consequences.
  • 2 All rights related to posted information such as ownership rights, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, shall belong to the Company.
  • 3 In the event that the Company produces the original products using posted recording or user's demonstration, all rights pertaining to the original master (ownership, ownership rights, neighboring rights of the producer of the record, copyright rights related to the demonstration of the artist ) shall belong to the Company. We can exclusively reproduce and distribute records or distribute music by using mastered data.
  • 4 the user is not to exercise the moral rights of the author for the person succeeded or granted the rights the Company.
  • 5 The user must manage the posted information properly.
  • 6 This service may cooperate with a third party service separately designated by the Company. In that case, posting information (including personal information etc.) may be provided to the third party service.
  • 7 the user express and guarantee to the Company that they have legal rights about submitting posts themselves, posting others, and that the submission information does not infringe the rights of third parties. In the event that the user defeats the honor of the Company or a third party, in the case of infringing privacy rights, when disclosing personal information of our company or third party without permission, conducting acts in violation of copyright law Others Or infringes the rights of a third party, the user shall resolve it at one's own risk and expense.
  • 8 The user shall back up posted information at one's own risk, and we will not be responsible for management status of posted information.

Article 10 Antisocial forces
  • 1 If the user is currently a member of a gang group, a gang member, a gang group related company, a general assembly groups, social movements such as a gobo or a special intelligence violence group (refered as antisocial forces) or that they have never fallen under any of these in the past and that they do not fall under any of the folowing items, also need to clarify the user is not a part of such and also will not do so in the future.
    (1) To have relationships with organizations in which organized crime groups, etc. are controlled or substantially engaged in management or other equivalent persons
    (2) Having a relationship that is unjustly deemed to be unlawfully organized crime groups, such as by the purpose of seeking the interests of illegal activities by himself or a third party or the purpose of damaging a third party
    (3) To have a relationship that is deemed to be involved in providing funds etc. to organized crime groups, etc. or providing convenience.
  • 2 The User shall assure that they do not act corresponding to the ones who is involved to following items by themselves or using the third party.
    (1) Violent demanding act
    (2) Unreasonable request acts beyond legal responsibility
    (3) acts of intimidating behavior or dealing with violence regarding transactions
    (4) Acts of disseminating the rumor, damaging the credibility of the Company or third parties by using spoofing or using power, or interfering with the work of the Company or a third party
    (5) Others Acts pursuant to the preceding items

Article11 Handling of personal information
  •  The Company will handle personal information of users appropriately in accordance with the privacy policy separately defined by the Company.

Article12 Deleting the account
  •  If the user does not wish to use the service, the user shall delete the account information registered on this service.

Article 13 Prohibited matter
  •  The user shall not perform the following acts while using or registered to this service.
    (1) The act of infringing or intimidating infringement of intellectual property rights such as property, privacy rights, portrait right or copyright or trademark right of the Company or a third party.
    (2) Acts of unjustly discriminating against or slandering our company or a third party, promoting unfair discrimination against our company or a third party, or harming its honor or credibility.
    (3) Acting or pretending to be strangers or other companies, pretending to be something in spite of the lack of representation or authority, or to partner with other people or organizations, to falsely cooperate.
    (4) Acts that may result in or be linked to crimes such as fraud, abuse of controlled drugs, child prostitution, deposit savings accounts and illegal trading of mobile phones.
    (5) Posting or displaying advertisements reminiscent by posting or displaying information equivalent to obscene, child pornography or child abuse, or acts of selling media containing these information, or recalling its sending, displaying and selling action.
    (6) Using the account for the purpose of sexual acts, obscene acts etc.
    (7) Using the account to encounter unfamiliar sex with others.
    (8) Invite illegal gambling / gambling or participation in illegal gambling / gambling.
    (9) Contracting, mediating, or attracting illegal acts, transfer of handguns and illegal weapons, making of explosives, provision of child pornography, public document falsification, murder, intimidation, and other action to apply illegal cases.
    (10) Attracting or inviting people to suicide, or introducing means of suicide likely to cause harm to others.
    (11) When the Company judges that there is a high possibility that other people will be disgusted by information such as using photographed image from persons' killings or injuries, dead bodies, or other atrocious acts, or society's common sense or other users will feel uncomfortable.
    (12) Acts of opening or soliciting infinite chain lectures (rats lecture).
    (13) Posting the link on the sites that aim to disseminate adult sites, one-click fraudulent sites, harmful computer programs such as viruses, etc. Acts of posting or displaying posting information to guide sites that we deem inappropriate (Including the act of simply creating a link.).
    (14) An act of holding one or more accounts by one person or an act of holding plural people jointly.
    (15) Using for the purpose of profit without our prior consent.
    (16) Registering information of false or remarkably exaggerated contents upon registration of this service.
    (17) Mischief action judged by the company as malicious.
    (18) The Access and action of illegally collecting, rewriting or deleting information accumulated in our facilities.
    (19) Acts of sending or posting harmful computer programs such as viruses.
    (20) Any act that places a burden on the server of the Company or a third party, or an act that hinders the operation of this service or the network system, or an action that may be likely to occur.
    (21) Affixing a link for the purpose of promotion while knowing that the act falls under any of the preceding items.
    (22) Acts judged by the Company to violate laws, public order and morality, or to infringe the rights of others.
    (23) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate, such as an inconvenience to other users.

Article 14 Stoping the usage
  •  When the user falls under any of the following items, the Company shall immediately delete the posted data or suspend the user's account without notice or demand in advance.
    (1) When breaching the provisions of these Terms
    (2) When credibility of our company or a third party is infringed.
    (3) When the user causes disadvantages to us or third parties, or conducting acts.
    (4) When the Company judges the use of this service by the user may affect the credibility of the Company, or this service due to complaints from third parties, or troubles caused by business operators
    (5) When the Company judges the user is ineligible to adopt the standard of the Company.
    (6) When the user acts contrary to laws and regulations or other social agreements, or there is any possibility of such action
    (7) When breaching the representations and warrants stipulated in Article 10

Article 15 Advertising
  • 1 The Company is able to display advertisements on this site
  • 2 The Company is able to directly notify users of; new service, advertisement of distribution, business approaches on the operation of this service, and use the informing tools such as e- mail.
    However, when we receive the request not to provide one's informationfrom in advance (or afterwards), we will not provide or stop providing one's information.

Article 16 Transfer of rights
  • 1 The user is not allowed to transfer, assign, assign collateral,dispose any rights or obligations under this agreement to any third party except as provided in these Terms.
  • 2 In the event that the Company transfer the businessship of this service to a third party, the Company shall notify the status on the Service Usage Contract accoding to the rights and obligations under this Agreement, the user registration and other information shall be transferred to the assignee of the assignment and the user shall be deemed to have previously agreed to such assignment.

Article 17 Disclaimer
  • 1 We shall not be involved in any communications or activities of users. Even if there is a dispute with another user or a third party, it's their matter to resolve the trouble between the parties, and we will not be responsible for it.
  • 2 The Company is not responsibile for the error such ascase of deliberate or gross negligence regarding damage caused to users due to addition, change, interruption or termination of two services.
  • 3 The Company is not responsible for damage occured by excessive access, unexpected factors caused by deterioration in display level or obstacles.
  • 4 The Company is not obligated to monitor or save posting information.
  • 5 The Company will not guarantee the operation guarantee in this service, guarantee of conformity to purpose of use, guarantee of precision and reliability concerning the result of use, and no warranty on any of the contents.
  • 6 In the following cases, the Company shall be able to save the contents of the posted information or the account registered information or disclose it to a third party. In that case, the Company will not take any responsibility for any damage caused by it.
    (1) In cases there is a necessity to clarify the causes of technical defects of this service to resolve them.
    (2) A formal inquiry based on laws and regulations is received from a court or a public institution such as a police officer.
    (3) When the Company determines that actions that violate these Terms or acts that may be likely to occur are necessary, to confirm the contents of the posted information.
    (4) The Company determines that there is imminent danger to human life, body, property, when there is an urgent necessity.
    (5) Miscellaneous When necessary for properly operating this service.
  • 7 If we determine that there is a reasonable reason to believe that an act in violation of this Agreement or an act that might be likely to occur, the Company may inform the user who conducted the act in advance, the Company may take actions we deem necessary, such as deletion of posting information or restriction on the use of services, without notice. However, no responsibility is assumed for any damage caused by it, except in case of deliberate or gross negligence. The user shall not appeal against measures taken by the Company based on the provisions of this section.
  • 8 If the Service Usage Agreement between the Company and the User falls under the consumer contract under Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Consumer Contract Law, the provision for completely exempting our liability for damages Shall not be applied. In this case, if the damage caused to the user is based on our default or illegal act, we will be liable for damages for the maximum damage suffered directly by the user. However, excluding cases where there is willful or gross negligence in our company.
  • 9 Regardless of the provisions of 9 Regulations, if you damage the rules listed below.
    (1) Damage arising from reasons unavoidable attributable to our company.
    (2) Damage caused by special circumstances regardless of the Company's foreseeing.
    (3) Damage caused by acts indispensable in providing this service, such as server maintenance.

Article 18 Governing law and competent court
  • 1 The Company states that The Governing law apply to this agreement is Japanese law.
  • 2 If doubts or disputes arise with the users on this service or this agreement, we will negotiate in good faith, but if we still do not resolve it, we will contact the Tokyo District Court, the Tokyo Summary Court, or the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance to solve the condition.

Established on July 1st., 2017
Revision Established on March 1st., 2018

* The copyright / master disk right of the uploaded music belongs to Stoned Lab
Copyright (c) MIC WARs All Rgihts Reserved.