"MIC WARs" is the Rap Battle of Next generation. Competing with cumulation of "Props !!" you get during the season. The users make their own 1verse+1hook to a common track and submit it to entry the competition. There are no limitation to participate such as age, gender, professional or amateur. No matter at all.

When the number of contestant reaches 10, the ballot will start and the clock will start to countdown to deadline.

Make a song created with least 1 verse+1 hook with a common beat and compete in ranking format.
There are no limitation to participate such as age, gender, professional nor amateur.

Please download the track from below and create your own song.

[ REC1-7 ] TRACK is ready to download.

You must agree to the terms of service before downloading.
We shall regard to gain your agreement to the terms of use when you download songs in any way from within this site.

Entry accepted
Prod. by ZIPSIES [.mp3] [4MB]

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When the song is completed, upload recorded data from the form below.
* The deadline will be approximately one month aheadfrom sound source release. For details please check the counter at the TOP page of the site.

When submitting, please fill out the "artist name" "song title" "lyrics" on the submission form, and also check the terms of use before posting the data.
* Copyright and master disk rights of uploaded music belong to Stoned Lab, please understand in advance.
Song Data
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※File format : mp4 mpg webm mov avi mp3 m4a mid wav
※File size : up to 30MB
Artist Data
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※File format : jpg

【About shooting and recording】
The quality on submitting data is not specified nor unified as long as the listner can hear music and voice clearly. Even a smart phone movie is valid if you don't have an environment of recording. Also we can support and provide you an environment of recording at Stoned Lab.
For details, please click here.

There is smartphone application of MTR which is good enough to record when there is no recording environment.

* The copyright / master disk right of the uploaded music belongs to Stoned Lab
Copyright (c) MIC WARs All Rgihts Reserved.