"MIC WARs" is the Rap Battle of Next generation. Competing with cumulation of "Props !!" you get during the season. The users make their own 1verse+1hook to a common track and submit it to entry the competition. There are no limitation to participate such as age, gender, professional or amateur. No matter at all.

When the number of contestant reaches 10, the ballot will start and the clock will start to countdown to deadline.
Beat GP ビートメーカー

裏巻焚蔵 地球

Alex Coleman Alex J Coleman was born on June 6 1994 in Baltimore City Maryland. Although he didn't start rapping until he was 18, his lyrical skills were honed by listening to all era's of hip hop since he was 8 years old. However, the beginning was rougher than it had to be due to a lack of knowledge, money and resources. In a nutshell, Alex had not a clue what he was supposed to do in regards to making music. He just had time and a vision of what he wanted to accomplish. In the time that has passed since his career began, Alex has learned how to makes the best music he can make through research, tutorial videos, a high quality usb microphone, and trial and error. With the exception of no cost royalty free instrumentals and Coast 2 Coast mixtape submissions, no one gave Alex anything for free. Everything you see now, from the album artwork to the instrumentals he creates for his music, was either paid for by Alex or done by Coleman. One day, you will see the fruits of his labor on a wo
rldwide scale. But unless you listen to an interview or speak to Alex himself, you will never truly understand how he has made so much progress in his career despite not having the resources and/or team that other artists have access to. Thanks for reading and stay strong and god bless. #410sb

RYO 歴は浅いですが趣味でDTMやってます。








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