"MIC WARs" is the Rap Battle of Next generation. Competing with cumulation of "Props !!" you get during the season. The users make their own 1verse+1hook to a common track and submit it to entry the competition. There are no limitation to participate such as age, gender, professional or amateur. No matter at all.

REC1-7 vote for Ranking is closed on 2019/3/11(Mon) by noon

  • REC1-5 ランキング結果

Prod.by Cerebro
  • 大量生産/SIMON JAP
    443 Props!!
  • ALK street/VENOM
    342 Props!!
  • MakeするShit/9for
    283 Props!!
  • Hands Up/Mic Guerilla
    264 Props!!
  • 千葉から渋谷/DANIEL a.k.a. Dee☆464
    213 Props!!
  • nextdoor/H-fist
    137 Props!!
  • ピラミッド/MC CLASSICA
    87 Props!!
    81 Props!!
  • Back it Again/Leiny-K
    51 Props!!
  • Shi Ku To Competition/Alex Coleman
    50 Props!!
  • start/hiroki
    49 Props!!
  • Mic wars/Sagami Green Side (Ice Cream & TK)
    46 Props!!
  • 明日は来ない/You Escape
    45 Props!!

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