"MIC WARs" is the Rap Battle of Next generation. Competing with cumulation of "Props !!" you get during the season. The users make their own 1verse+1hook to a common track and submit it to entry the competition. There are no limitation to participate such as age, gender, professional or amateur. No matter at all.

When the number of contestant reaches 10, the ballot will start and the clock will start to countdown to deadline.

  • REC1-3 ランキング結果

  • Tangerine/O-JEE
    516 Props!!
  • stageに立てるワケ/N0UTY
    445 Props!!
  • スキな娘と好きなコト/RAGGA-G
    444 Props!!
  • Time/Dollar
    152 Props!!
  • 言葉のリズム/MC CLASSICA
    59 Props!!
  • トニカクウゴク/k0usei
    39 Props!!
  • otherず/ひたち
    34 Props!!

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